March 2013 C54 Newsletter

ETI National March 2013 Issue

C54 April Vet Clinic

C 54 April 21, 2013 Trail Trial

Chatsworth's 10th Annual Day of the Horse

Poster Contest Information

Using the App "Every Trail", C12 Kelli Land mapped our 2/16 February Ride & has pictures with it.
To see the map & pics

Chatsworth Weather Forecast


3/9/2013 ETI C12 will be riding in our Chatsworth Hills. Meet at Canoga & the 118, ready to ride at 10 AM.
Trail Boss: Mary Kaufman 818-326-5772

3/17/2013 C54 Trail Ride-Paramount Ranch SP Trail Boss: Charlotte Brodie 818-892-3862




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ETI Corral 54 is a family based riding club that participates in group trail rides, Bar-B-Q's, Trail Trials and the Like.

We meet every few months (January, June, September and December).

Next Corral 54 event will be a 2-hour (approximate) trail ride in the Chatsworth Hills on
Saturday, February 16.

If you missed our Pizza Meeting at Straw Hat, everyone got their fill of pizza and had a great time.!
We had a great turn out and got several new members.

Our next General Meeting will be in June,
when we host our Annual BBQ to welcome new members! See you then.

Congratulations to our
2012 Winners of the "Volunteer of the Year Award"
Larry Brewer, Jerome Ruzicka, Lance Ryerson & Mickey Strauss
These guys man the BBQ at our June picnics, direct parking at the Trail Trials,
run the Poker at the Trail Trials and on and on and on.

Thanks guys!! We all appreciate your efforts.